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Installing Course Pack Reference Apps

With your Course Pack, you have access to Visible Body's mobile and PC/Mac reference apps. Follow these steps to install them.

  1. Check your student landing page, provided by your professor, for links to access your mobile and PC/Mac reference apps.support_site_caa_student_resource_page.jpg

  2. From the reference apps download page, select the reference app(s) you would like to download. You can access the iPad/iPhone or Android version of each app as well as the PC or Mac version of each app.

  3. Check your purchase confirmation email and enter your Course Pack username and password to unlock each mobile reference app, and enter your serial number to unlock each PC or Mac reference app. support_site_caa_purchase_confirmation_email.jpg

You need to be connected to the Internet to install Visible Body's reference apps, but once they are installed on your mobile device or computer, you don’t need the Internet to use them.

The PC/Mac and mobile apps are provided for your reference, and once downloaded, they are yours to keep. There is no time limit on these!

Please keep in mind that you must complete your Visible Body assignments in Moodle.

For quick tutorials on using Visible Body’s apps, visit the support forums:

Human Anatomy Atlas for Organizations 2017
Human Anatomy Atlas PC/Mac keyboard controls
Muscle Premium for Organizations 2017
Muscle Premium PC/Mac keyboard controls
Anatomy & Physiology for Organizations 2017
Anatomy & Physiology PC/Mac keyboard controls

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