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Information, Landmarks, and Attachments



Content Box
The Content Box gives you information about the most recently selected object.

  • The structure's name with the Latin name.
  • The book icon gives you a definition of the structure.
  • The stethoscope icon gives you a list of related pathology information.
  • The speaker icon (only available in the English language) will give you an English pronunciation.
  • You can alter the anatomy in your current view by using the Fade, Hide, Fade Others, and Hide Others buttons.
  • The Radius blast icon is an easy way to add nearby structures across all body systems. Each tap reveals another layer of anatomy.
  • The caret in the content box will reveal a hierarchical list called the breadcrumb trail.

Each item in this list can be selected, and turns on and selects all of the structures beneath it in the hierarchy.

Bony Landmarks
If you have a bone selected, you will see a Bony Landmarks icon.
This enters a mode where you can explore the landmarks for the selected bone and get more detailed information about articulations, attachments, and passageways.

Muscle Attachments
If you have a muscle selected, you will see an Attachments icon.
This enters a mode that allows you to

  • Isolate the current muscle and its related bones, attachments, blood supply, and innervation.
  • Use the pins to jump between the muscle's origin and insertion points.
  • Explore related muscle actions.
  • These muscle actions are moving models, but can be manipulated like any other anatomy, as well as be controlled by dragging the playhead.

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