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Release notes for iPad/iPhone

Release versions

2018.3.05 (11/2/17)

  • Got the new iPhone X? Check out the enhancements we made that take advantage of the iPhone X all-screen Super Retina display.

2018.2.26 (9/18/17)

  • New 3D Gross Anatomy Lab! Dissect a virtual cadaver in the prone or supine position.
  • Performance enhancements, minor improvements, and bug fixes

If your device supports AR, the following features are also available:

  • Augmented Reality! Turn any room into an anatomy lab

2018.0.53 (7/26/17)

  • New anatomy, including male and female enhanced skin models, additional hand ligaments, refined female genitalia, and more hip circulation
  • New microanatomy models that allow you to explore a nephron, alveoli, and an alveolus sac
  • Updated user interface: Enjoy a consolidated and easy-to-navigate UI that is the same on both iPad and iPhone
  • Use the new Systems option in the menu to customize a regional view in seconds
  • Check out the new Power functions, like the new Dissection, Isolate, and Select Others tools
  • Performance enhancements, minor improvements, and bug fixes

2017.3.35 (1/17/17)

  • New microanatomy models allow you to explore the inner workings of a long bone, an osteon, and blood vessels.
  • Explore an animated disarticulated skull, plus new sagittal and coronal views of the skull.
  • iOS home screen quick actions: One tap brings you to the most commonly used features in the app
  • Tours now include easy-to-follow instructions to create your own 3D presentation.
  • The option to restore your last session. Pick up right where you left off!
  • Performance enhancements
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes

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