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Quizzes, Notecards, and Favorites

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Dissection Quizzes

Quizzes require you to select a structure and submit an answer.
In some cases, you may have to rotate around the model, or even hide structures, to locate the correct answer.


Notecards can be created from any anatomy view.
You can enter information using the text box or use the Draw tool to mark-up the image.
Your saved notecards can be accessed from the main menu.


If you refer to a preset view on a regular basis or have worked hard to make a custom view, you can save it to your Favorites.


Tours are like a presentation of Favorite views; therefore, you need at least 2 Favorite views in order to create a tour.
Select the views in the order that you would like them to appear, and save.
You can now seamlessly transition between views for a smoother and more convenient presentation.

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