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Tips and tricks for building a view

There are multiple ways to get the perfect view. The Content Search can be used to look for Structures or Preset Views, among other content.
Starting from a structure, build out the view using a combination of the Breadcrumb Trail, Radius Blast, and Systems Tray.
Another option is to start with a Preset View.
To remove unwanted structures in bulk, use Select Others and the options below it. Here, the Same Region option selects all structures in the view that are part of the shoulder and arm region.
Then turn off the option, and choose the Select Others button again, to highlight all structures that aren’t shoulder and arm structures.
The Hide button removes them from the view.
Add structures from other systems to the view via the Systems tray with the Shoulder and Arm region selected.
To make some final refinements, use the Dissect tool to rapidly remove structures,
or use the Anatomy search to add or locate a specific structure
When satisfied, save the view to easily retrieve it in the future

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