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Create an Account and Navigate Courseware

Thank you for choosing Visible Body Courseware.

Visible Body Courseware is a robust web-based human anatomy learning platform that educators use to engage students.

To get started, visit the professor landing page provided by the Visible Body Education Team, and use the login credentials you received to create your Course Administrator account.

That will place you in the Courseware dashboard. From there, you can:

  1. Edit your name, email address, or password.
  2. Create, view, or edit a course and invite students, teaching assistants, and other instructors to your course.
  3. Access the wealth of Visible Body resources that you can use to create custom assignments. This includes:
    • A Quiz Bank with hundreds of premade quizzes.
    • A Question Bank with thousands of premade questions.
    • The My Apps section with access to Visible Body’s interactive and visual database, organized into 4 products you can search to find exactly what you need to engage your students.

From your dashboard, you have access to everything you’ll need to manage your course.

Once you’ve created your Courseware account, you can create a course, invite participants, and create assignments.

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