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Create a Course and Invite Participants

Once you’ve created your Courseware account, follow 3 simple steps to create a course and invite students, teaching assistants, and other instructors.

  1. Log into your Courseware dashboard and select “+Create Course.”
  2. In the course creation page, enter your course name, choose your time zone, enter a course ID if desired, and select “Create Course.”
  3. In your course homepage, select “Invite People.” Copy the course link and send it to your students, teaching assistants, or other instructors at your school.
    • Once students have accepted your invitation, their names will appear in your class roster. Students can view your published course content, their grades, and Visible Body’s mobile and web apps.
    • Once teaching assistants and other instructors have accepted your invitation, they will have the same Course Administrator access that you have.
    • For more information on what course administrators and students can do in your course, read Course Administrator and Student Access.

Once you’ve created your course and invited participants, you can manage your course and create assignments.

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