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Create Your Own Lessons

Once you’ve collected your own files or URL links you’d like to assign, follow 4 simple steps to create your own assignment.

  1. Log into your Courseware dashboard, choose your course, and select “+Create New Assignment.”
  2. In the assignment source selection page, choose whether you want to upload a file or link to a URL.
  3. In the Create a New Assignment page, choose your file or add your URL, name your assignment, select a due date, determine whether you want a delayed release, choose an assignment folder or create a new one, add a description if desired, and then select “Save Draft” or “Publish.” You can let students know the assignment is available by checking “Send Email Notification” before selecting “Publish.”
  4. In the popup that asks “Are you sure you wish to publish?” select “OK.”

Once you’ve saved your assignment, you’ll be placed in the assignment details page. From there, you can:

  • View your lesson assignment details.
  • Edit your lesson assignment.
  • Delete your lesson assignment.
  • Select "Back" to return to the Assignments page.

Once you’ve created your own lesson assignment, you can create a graded quiz assignment to test your students’ knowledge.

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