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Edit Graded Quizzes

Once you’ve explored the Quiz Bank, follow 5 simple steps to edit Visible Body’s graded quizzes.

  1. Log into your Courseware dashboard and choose the Quiz Bank.
  2. Choose a quiz using the filters or keyword search bar, and select “Clone.”
  3. In the Name Your Quiz popup, enter your quiz name in the text box and select “Save.” This brings you back to the Quiz Bank.
  4. Find your quiz copy at the top of the list and select “Edit.”
  5. In the Edit Your Quiz page, you can change your quiz name, categorize your quiz, configure your quiz (change question order, pool the quiz, change point values, preview questions, delete questions, and add questions), and save the quiz.

Once you’ve finished editing your graded quiz, you can use it to create a graded quiz assignment.

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