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Complete Graded Quizzes

Once you’ve purchased Visible Body Courseware and created your Courseware account, follow 4 simple steps to complete graded quiz assignments from your instructor.

  1. Log into your Courseware dashboard and select your course.
  2. Open the Assignments page to access graded quiz assignments from your instructor. When your instructor posts an assignment, you’ll see a red alert in the menu.
  3. Choose the graded quiz assignment you’d like to complete. When you select a graded quiz, it will open Visible Body’s Quiz Bank in a new browser window.
  4. Complete the graded quiz by choosing an answer for each question and selecting “Submit.” Once you’ve submitted the last quiz question, view your detailed quiz results, and then, close the graded quiz to return to Courseware.

Once you’ve completed the graded quiz assignment and returned to Courseware, you can:

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