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The My Apps section gives you online and mobile access to Visible Body’s 4 most popular anatomy and physiology apps. Follow 3 simple steps to reference these apps throughout your course.

  1. Log into your Courseware dashboard and open the My Apps page.
  2. Choose the Visible Body app you’d like to explore. Here are some pointers on how to use these apps as reference materials in your course:
    • If you’re preparing for class or a quiz, Anatomy & Physiology provides you with a concise lesson on each body system and practice quizzes to help you review basic concepts and structures.
    • If you’re preparing for a lab, Human Anatomy Atlas provides 3D gross anatomy and microanatomy views, muscle actions, cross sections, and practice quizzes that focus on specific structures or groups of structures.
    • If you’re studying muscles and bones, Muscle Premium provides you with 3D musculoskeletal views, muscle actions, and pathologies.
    • If you’re studying physiology or pathologies, Physiology Animations provides you with a collection of brief video clips.
  3. For your on-the-go reference, use the App Store or Google Play buttons to install Visible Body’s apps on your iPad/iPhone or Android device. Here is some information on your mobile downloads:
    • You may only install each Visible Body app on one device, one time.
    • These apps are yours to keep. There is no time limit!
    • You must complete your graded quiz assignments in Courseware on a computer.

For more information on each app, check out the support articles:

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