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The My Apps section gives you access to all the content in Visible Body’s 4 best-selling apps. 

  • Human Anatomy Atlas has hundreds of preset 3D model sets. Use them for a lab dissection activity, or to have students review names, pronunciations, definitions, and locations. Search for content by browsing the main sections of the app. General views are organized by region or body system. The other app sections provide more specific content: Cross-sectional anatomy paired with diagnostic imaging, microanatomy of the senses, and moving muscle actions. The practice quizzes are great for student self-assessment. They do not feed into the Gradebook. All this content can be browsed by using the search feature too!
  • Anatomy & Physiology includes visual step-by-step introductions to each body system's anatomy and function. Map to your lesson's learning objective by navigating to the unit for a body system and then browsing the chapters and assets; or use the checklist to browse for content by learning objective. Each objective is followed by links to the assets that present it. The practice quizzes are great for student self-assessment. Note, that they do not feed into the Gradebook.
  • Muscle Premium includes hundreds of preset 3D model sets that introduce details about muscle attachments, innervation, blood supply, and common actions. There are also common conditions. Preset views in the Normal Anatomy section review regions and muscle groups in that region. Assigning any view gives students quick access to all the landmarks for a specific bone and all the origin and insertion information for specific muscles. There is an Index that organizes the preset views in alphabetical order. The practice quizzes are great for student self-assessment. They do not feed into the Gradebook.
  • Physiology Animations has 50-second animations you can assign to introduce or review normal function and common conditions. The normal function animations are the same as the ones in Anatomy & Physiology. The pathology content is unique to this app. It's easy to browse by using the physiology and pathology buttons at the bottom of the screen.

For more information on each app, check out the support articles:

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