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Create Custom Graded Quizzes

Once you’ve explored the Quiz Bank, follow 5 simple steps to create custom graded quizzes.

  1. Log into your Courseware dashboard and choose the Quiz Bank.
  2. Select “+Create new quiz.”
  3. On the Ready to Build a Quiz? page, use the dropdown list to choose the type of quiz you’d like to create and select “Continue.”
  4. In the question selection page, use the filters to find questions and select them using the checkboxes. If you want to write a new question, select “+Create New Question” to open the Question Bank. Once you’ve chosen the questions you want in your quiz, select “Continue.”
  5. In the Create Your Quiz page, you can name your quiz, categorize your quiz, and configure your quiz (determine question order, pool the quiz, assign point values, preview questions, delete questions, and add more questions), and save the quiz.

Once you’ve saved your custom quiz, you can:

  • Assign the quiz.
  • Create another quiz.
  • Select "Done" to return to the Quiz Bank.

Once you’ve created a graded quiz, you can assign it to your students by creating a graded quiz assignment.

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