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Purchase a Courseware Account

Once you receive your Visible Body Courseware URL from your instructor, follow 5 simple steps to purchase Courseware and create your Courseware account.

  1. Use the Courseware URL your instructor provided to launch Courseware. If this is your first visit to Courseware, you will need to create an account.
  2. In the sign-up page, select the buy link, which will open Visible Body’s purchase page in a new browser window. Make sure you keep the sign-up page open, so you can return to complete the sign-up process after purchasing.
  3. In the purchase page, enter your payment information, confirm your purchase, and submit your payment. Then, check your email and open your purchase confirmation email.
  4. Return to the Courseware sign-up page and enter the authorization code from your purchase confirmation email, your name, your email address, and your password before selecting “Sign Up.”
  5. Check your email and open the sign-up verification email. Select the URL, which will open the Courseware sign-in page. Enter your email address and password to log into Courseware.

Once you’ve purchased Courseware and created your Courseware account, you can log into Courseware to access your course materials.

If you need help purchasing Visible Body Courseware or creating your Courseware account, submit a ticket.

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