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List of products in Visible Body Courseware

Snapshot of content and features

Students who purchase a Courseware login or are provided a login by their schools get:  

  • Two-year web access to an instructor created course on the Courseware platform
  • Two year web access to all the apps in the Courseware platform
  • Personal reference copies of the apps in Courseware platform. These personal copies, available for Android and iOS, are not time limited.

Access to instructor course and course apps

Web access to an instructor created course on the Courseware platform enables students to use the visual and interactive lessons created by the instructor, take the graded quizzes assigned by the instructor, and track performance in the course by viewing performance on each graded assignment.

Web access also includes access to all the apps in the Courseware platform. Students can use these apps to study in a 3D interactive and visual platform, and create visual study tools.

The apps in the currently released version of Visible Body Courseware are:

  • Human Anatomy Atlas 2017
  • Muscle Premium 6
  • Anatomy & Physiology 4.1
  • Physiology Animations 2.0

Reference copies of apps

Students with a Courseware login also have access to Visible Body apps that can be installed on a mobile device. These do not expire. The mobile downloads are provided for reference; homework assignments cannot be submitted from these versions. Students can install mobile apps on one device.

  • Reference apps include: Human Anatomy Atlas 2017, Muscle Premium 6, Anatomy & Physiology 4.1. 
  • Platforms available: iPhone/iPad, Android. See the system requirements for specifics.

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