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Using Views to Get Started

To start your exploration of the urinary and reproductive systems, choose a View from the thumbnail images. Tap on any thumbnail to launch a View, showing the structures of interest. You can adjust the View to see it from any angle and with structures showing, faded, or hidden.

Choose a black or white background for the View you've selected by tapping the black or white icon in the upper right corner of the top menu, next to the Visible Body logo. You can change the color of the background at any time during a View without resetting the view or losing your adjustments.

Choose the gender of the Views you want to see by tapping the male or female symbol (labeled M and F) at the top of the thumbnail screen. To switch the gender of the model while in a View, tap on the Actions icon and select "Switch Gender" from the popup window. This will return you to the thumbnail page, with the opposite gender's Views now available.

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