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6.0.09 Release notes

Reproductive and Urinary Anatomy Atlas for iPad/iPhone

Version Number: 6.0.09

Release Date: November 20, 2014


Changes in current release:


New 3D structures
Top diseases added for the Reproductive and Urinary system. Now you can tap on the kidney, for example, and get a pronunciation, definition, and a description of common diseases and conditions associated with the kidney.
New Animations
Save views, create notecards, and share
Tested for compatibility with iOS 8 and iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.
Includes stability improvements. Reduced file size for download.
Performance and UI enhancements
Minor bug fixes
Updated system definitions


System Requirements

• Works on iPad 2 and above
• iPad mini and above
• iPhone 4 and above, and iPod Touch (5th generation)
• Compatible with iOS 6 and above



Animations Included in this Release

Urinary system overview


Reabsorption and Secretion

Reproductive system overview




Fertilization to Implantation

Two weeks after conception

Taking shape

Fetal Development


Kidney stones

Urinary Incontinence



Reproductive and Urinary Illustrations Included in this Release

Blood flow through the Nephron

Nephron Structure

Filtration Membrane

Urine Composition

Female Reproductive Cycle

Gametes to Zygote

A Developing Embryo

Hormones during pregnancy

How twins Develop

Fetal Reproductive Development



Structures in the Reproductive and Urinary Systems Included in this Release

Urinary system, R

      Kidney, R

         Kidney back, R

         Pyramids, R

         Renal pelvis, R

         Kidney front, R

   Urinary system, L

      Kidney, L

         Renal pelvis, L

         Pyramids, L

         Kidney front, L

         Kidney back, L



      Bladder, L halfFemale

         Bladder, body, L halfFemale

         Bladder, inner surface, L halfFemale

         Ureteral orifice, LFemale

         Bladder, trigone, L halfFemale

         Detrusor muscle, L halfFemale

      Bladder, R halfFemale

         Bladder, body, R halfFemale

         Bladder, inner surface, R halfFemale

         Ureteral orifice, RFemale

         Bladder, trigone, R halfFemale

         Detrusor muscle, R halfFemale

      Bladder, neckFemale

      Internal urethral sphincterFemale

   Ureter, LFemale

   Ureter, RFemale

   Ureter, RMale

   Ureter, LMale


      Bladder, L halfMale

         Bladder, neck, L halfMale

         Bladder, L halfMale

         Bladder, inner surface, L halfMale

         Ureteral orifice, LMale

         Bladder, trigone, L halfMale

         Detrusor muscle, L halfMale

      Bladder, R halfMale

         Ureteral orifice, RMale

         Bladder, R halfMale

         Bladder, neck, R halfMale

         Bladder, trigone, R halfMale

         Bladder, inner surface, R halfMale

         Detrusor muscle, R halfMale

      Internal urethral sphincterMale


      Urethra, L halfMale

         Verumontanum (seminal colliculus) of prostatic urethra, L halfMale

         Urethra, prostatic portion, L halfMale

         Urethra, spongy portion (penile), L halfMale

         Urethra, membranous, L halfMale

      Urethra, R halfMale

         Verumontanum (seminal colliculus) of prostatic urethra, R halfMale

         Urethra, prostatic portion, R halfMale

         Urethra, spongy portion (penile), R halfMale

         Urethra, membranous, R halfMale

   External urethral sphincterFemale

   External urethral sphincterMale


      Internal genitaliaMale


            Testicle (testis), LMale

               Testicle (testis), medial half, LMale

               Testicle (testis), lateral half, LMale

            Testicle (testis), RMale

               Testicle (testis), medial half, RMale

               Testicle (testis), lateral half, RMale


            Prostate, L halfMale

            Prostatic capsule, RMale

            Prostate, R halfMale

            Lobes of prostateMale

               Prostate lateral lobeMale

               Prostate median lobeMale

               Prostate posterior lobeMale

               Prostate anterior lobeMale

            Prostatic capsule, LMale

         Bulbourethral (Cowper's) glandsMale

            Bulbourethral (Cowper's) glands, RMale

            Bulbourethral (Cowper's) glands, LMale


            Vas deferensMale

               Vas deferens, RMale

               Vas deferens, LMale

               Spermatic fascia, LMale

               Spermatic fascia, RMale

            Seminal vesicleMale

               Seminal vesicle, L Male

               Seminal vesicle, RMale

               Ejaculatory duct, RMale

               Ejaculatory duct, LMale


               Epididymis, RMale

               Epididymis, LMale

      External genitaliaMale


            Glans penisMale

            Corpus spongiosumMale

            Corpus cavernosum, LMale

            Corpus cavernosum, R Male

         Fasciae of the penisMale

            Dartos fasciaMale

            Buck's fascia (lower)Male

            Buck's fascia (upper)Male

            Tunica albugineaMale


      External genitalia (vulva)Female


         Prepuce (hood)Female

         Labia minoraFemale


         Urethral orificeFemale

      Internal genitaliaFemale


            Uterus, regional Female

               Uterus, L half Female

                  Uterus, endometrium, L halfFemale

                  Uterus, cervix (neck), L halfFemale

                  Uterus, body, L halfFemale

                  Uterus, fundus, L halfFemale

                  Uterus, cornu, LFemale

               Uterus, R half Female

                  Uterus, body, R halfFemale

                  Uterus, endometrium, R halfFemale

                  Uterus, fundus, R halfFemale

                  Uterus, cervix (neck), R halfFemale

                  Uterus, cornu, RFemale

            Fallopian tube (oviduct, uterine tubes, salpinx), LFemale

            Fimbriae, LFemale

            Fallopian tube (oviduct, uterine tubes, salpinx), RFemale

            Fimbriae, RFemale



            Ovarian ligament (utero-ovarian ligament, proper ovarian ligament), LFemale

            Ovarian ligament (utero-ovarian ligament, proper ovarian ligament), RFemale

            Ovary, LFemale

               Ovary, anterior half, LFemale

               Ovary, posterior half, LFemale

            Ovary, RFemale

               Ovary, anterior half, RFemale

               Ovary, posterior half, RFemale

   Mammary glands (breast tissue)Female

      Breast, L

      Breast, R

      Lactiferous ducts, L

      Lactiferous ducts, R

      Mammary gland lobules, R

      Mammary gland lobules, L

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