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6.0.09 Release notes

Digestive Anatomy Atlas for iPad/iPhone

Version Number: 6.0.09

Release Date: October 24, 2014


Changes in current release:


New 3D structures
Top diseases added for the Digestive system. Now you can tap on the stomach, for example, and get a pronunciation, definition, and a description of common diseases and conditions associated with the stomach.
New Animations
Save views, create notecards, and share
Tested for compatibility with iOS 8 and iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.
Includes stability improvements. Reduced file size for download.
Performance and UI enhancements
Minor bug fixes
Updated system definitions


System Requirements

• Works on iPad 2 and above
• iPad mini and above
• iPhone 4 and above, and iPod Touch (5th generation)
• Compatible with iOS 6 and above



Animations Included in this Release

Chewing and Swallowing

Function of the epiglottis

Nutrient Absorption

Alimentary canal

Digestive system Functions




Ulcerative Colitis



Digestive Illustrations Included in this Release

Alimentary Canal

Digestive Juices

Structures of the oral cavity

Tooth Cross section


Stomach Regions

Pancreas, Liver, Gall Bladder

Large intestine


Structures in the Digestive System Included in this Release

Alimentary canal (gastrointestinal tract)Digestive
         Small intestineDigestive
            Duodenum (anterior intestine, proximal intestine)Digestive
               Duodenum, sectioned (back)
               Duodenum, sectioned (front)
            Jejunum (middle intestine, mid-gut)
            Ileum (posterior intestine, distal intestine)
         Large intestineDigestive
               Transverse colon
                  Transverse colon
                  Transverse colon, taenia (tenia) coli
               Ascending colon
                  Ascending colon, taenia (tenia) coli
                  Ascending colon
               Descending colon
                  Descending colon
                  Descending colon, taenia (tenia) coli
               Sigmoid colon
                  Sigmoid colon, taenia (tenia) coli
                  Sigmoid colon
            Appendix (vermiform appendix, cecal appendix, vermix)
            Cecum (intestinum caecum)
               Cecum (caecum)
               Cecum (caecum), taenia (tenia) coli
               Ileocecal valve
            Anal canal
            Stomach, front (cut)Digestive
               Stomach, cardiac cap
               Cardiac (gastroesophageal, lower esophageal) sphincter, front portion
               Pyloric sphincter (valve), front portion
               Stomach, fundic and pyloric cap-layered
            Stomach, back (cut)Digestive
               Stomach, serosa and mucosa
               Oblique (inner) muscle layer
               Circular (middle) muscle layer
               Longitudinal (outer) muscle layer
         Esophagus (oesophagus)
         Oral cavityDigestive
            Soft palate (roof of mouth)
            Hard palate (roof of mouth, bony palate)
            Oral cavity
         Pharynx* (see also: respiratory system)Digestive
            Oropharynx* (see also: respiratory system)
            Laryngopharynx* (see also: respiratory system)Digestive
               Piriform sinus (fossa)* (see also: respiratory system)
               Vestibule of larynx* (see also: respiratory system)
               Epiglottic vallecula* (see also: respiratory system)
               Corniculate tubercles* (see also: respiratory system)
               Cuneiform tubercles* (see also: respiratory system)
               Laryngopharynx* (see also: respiratory system)
   Accessory organsDigestive
      Gall bladderDigestive
         Gall bladder
         Cystic duct
         Common hepatic duct
         Hepatic duct, R
         Hepatic duct, L
         Common bile duct
         Duodenal papilla, main (ampulla of Vater, hepatopancreatic ampulla)
         Pancreatic duct, accessory (pancreatic duct of Santorini)
         Duodenal papilla, minor
         Pancreatic duct, main (duct of Wirsung)
         Pancreas, body
         Pancreas, tail
         Pancreas, head
      Salivary glandsDigestive
         Salivary glands, RDigestive
            Salivary (parotid) gland, R
            Salivary (submandibular, submaxillary) gland, R
            Salivary (sublingual) gland, R
            Salivary (parotid, Stensen's) duct, R
            Salivary (submandibular, submaxillary) duct, R
         Salivary glands, LDigestive
            Salivary (parotid) gland, L
            Salivary (submandibular, submaxillary) gland, L
            Salivary (sublingual) gland, L
            Salivary (parotid, Stensen's) duct, L
            Salivary (submandibular, submaxillary) duct, L
      Liver, functional surgical (Couinaud) segments
         Liver, left part
            Liver, left lateral division
               (II) Liver, left posterolateral segment
               (III) Liver, left anterolateral segment
            Liver, left medial division
               (IV) Liver, medial segment (superior subsegment)
               (IVb) Liver, medial segment (inferior subsegment including quadrate lobe)
         Liver, right part
            Liver, right medial division
               (VIII) Liver, posteromedial segment
               (V) Liver, anteromedial segment
            Liver, right lateral division
               (VII) Liver, right posterolateral segment
               (VI) Liver, right anterolateral segment
         (I) Liver, caudate lobe
         Ligaments of the liverDigestive
            Triangular ligament, L
            Falciform ligament
            Ligamentum teres (round ligament of the liver, ligamentum teres hepatis) (with obliterated umbilical vein)
            Triangular ligament, R
            Obliterated umbilical vein (in ligamentum teres)
            Coronary ligament
            Ligamentum venosum (remnant of ductus venosus)
   Ligament of Treitz (suspensory muscle of the duodenum)
   Lesser omentum (small omentum, gastrohepatic omentum)
   Greater omentum (great omentum, omentum majus, gastrocolic omentum)

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