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Viewing Definitions and Searching for Respiratory Structures

Viewing definitions: To view the definition of a structure, select the structure by tapping it once, then tap on the Definition icon at the bottom of the screen. A window opens showing the definition. The window remains open if you select a different structure, and the definition for the most recently selected structure is displayed.

To view a definition for a grouping of structures in the respiratory system, tap on a structure within that grouping. Then, tap on the name of the grouping in the breadcrumb trail at the top of the screen, and tap on the "Definition" icon at the bottom of the screen. A window opens showing the definition.

To close the definition window at any time, tap the "Done" button in the top right corner of the window or tap the Definition icon again.

Searching for respiratory system structures: To search for a respiratory system structure, tap on the Search icon located at the bottom right of the screen. A keyboard appears. Type three or more letters of the structure you are searching for, then tap the "Done" button or the "Return" button. A box appears above the search bar containing the search results, including the names of all relevant structures.

Each search result also displays the words "Add/Go To" or "Select/Go To" at the far right. Tapping on the word "Add" adds the respiratory system structure to the View. Tapping on the word "Select" highlights the structure in the current View in blue. You may need to reposition your View to see the selected structure if it is outside your current frame or obscured by other anatomy. Tapping on the name of the structure in the search results is another way to add or select the structure to the View.

To automatically generate a new view featuring a respiratory system structure you found via the search tool, tap on the words "Go To" in the search results. The app selects (or adds and selects) the structure, hides or fades obscuring structures, and repositions the image so that you can clearly see the desired structure. Non-respiratory system structures may appear in a View for study purposes, but cannot be added to a View."

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