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To quiz yourself on structures of the nervous system, tap the Quiz icon in the menu at the bottom of the screen. A set of thumbnails is displayed showing important regions for study. Tap on the thumbnail showing the area you wish to test on. A View of the area will appear, along with a series of prompts in a window at the bottom of the screen.

The quiz will prompt you to identify structures in the View. To answer a quiz prompt, tap the correct structure in the View and select Submit. If your answer is correct, you can press the "Next" button to move on to the next item.

If you submit an incorrect answer, you are given the choice to tap "Next" and move to the next prompt, "Highlight," or "Try Again." Selecting "Highlight" highlights the correct structure in blue in the View. "Try Again" gives you another chance to guess the correct structure. You are given three tries for each question. The number of tries remaining is shown in parentheses next to the prompt.

In a Quiz View, you can adjust the 3D model just like in regular views. Zoom in or out to see the model more clearly; tap on structures to select and show/fade/hide, or rotate the model using your fingertips or the virtual joystick. Adjusting the model can be helpful in identifying structures correctly, especially when they are small or partially hidden by other anatomy.

At the end of the quiz, you will be shown the number of questions you answered correctly and incorrectly. Tap "OK" to exit. You can end the quiz at any time by tapping the Quit button in the top right corner of the quiz window at the bottom of the screen. Quitting the quiz returns you to the quiz thumbnail menu. From here you can select another quiz, or return to the regular Views by tapping the View icon.

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