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PC/ Mac Offline Activation Instructions

PC or Mac purchases from our website follow an installation process that includes authenticating the purchase on our servers.

If you are installing your purchase on a computer without internet access, you need to get an Authorization Code to complete the install and unlock the app.

Offline activation instructions:

  1. When the app tries to connect to our authentication servers and fails you will see a screen that provides a request code. Write down the Request Code provided. 
  2. Locate the Serial number provided with your purchase receipt.
  3. Using a device with internet access, find your app on the Activation List below and follow that link.  You will be directed to our activation server where you can get an Authorization Code.
  4. Enter the serial number, and Request Code and select "Get License Code."
  5. You will be given a License Code. Write this down.
  6. Return to the computer with the installer, and where asked for the Authorization Code, enter the License Code provided.

Continue the activation process. If you have any trouble submit a ticket.

Activation List

Anatomy & Function for Windows

Anatomy & Physiology for Windows

Anatomy & Physiology for Mac

Heart & Circulatory Premium for Windows

Heart & Circulatory Premium for Mac

Human Anatomy Atlas 2017 Edition for Windows

Human Anatomy Atlas 2017 Edition for Mac

Human Anatomy Atlas for Windows

Human Anatomy Atlas for Mac

My Incredible Body for Windows

My Incredible Body for Mac

Muscle Premium for Windows

Muscle Premium for Mac

Physiology Animations for Windows

Physiology Animations for Mac

Skeleton Premium for Windows

Skeleton Premium for Mac

Human Anatomy Atlas for zSpace

Human Anatomy Atlas for Storz

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