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Using Human Anatomy Atlas for PC or Mac

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    Kenneth Johnson

    Hello' I'm trying to download the Human Anatomy Atlas on my AIO Windows 10 so I can use it off line but they say I need a serial number which I do not have in order to get some code. Can you help me? Thanks for your time and attention to this matter!

                                                                 Sincerely, Ken Johnson

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    Maher Amhaz

    when i downloaded the Human anatomy atlas it turned to be it has .dmg extension fie. i have windows not Mac OS what should i do to change this

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    Sarah K. Bradley

    Cannot get this app to open. Tried to download for my iMac and nothing will open it. I am a retired trauma surgeon, not a computer technician. I once had a linked in account but I had job offers ..I don't need a job. I just like medical apps. Sounds odd, but for me they are my computer games. I really get upset when I pay money ( I have several of your apps) and I cannot get this one to work. I have wasted too much time on this single app tonight (oh it is morning already !


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    eric henner


    Same problem here.Much to complicated.Why can't we just press the app like we used to do.

    Im almost 80 and no computer whiz

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