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Accessing the app content

1.     Icons on the home screen allow direct access to all the content in this app. The Atlas section provides access to over 3,800 3D models. These are organized into hundreds of 3D anatomical views. The Quizzes section includes hundreds of quiz questions organized into dozens of quizzes.

2.     In any section of the app (Atlas pr Quizzes) the other two sections are accessible by tapping an icon present at the bottom of the screen. The home icon is at the bottom left of every screen in the app. Tapping it will return you to the home screen.    

3.    Also on the Home screen are icons for Help, Contact, and Other Apps. The Help icon links to Visible Body’s online forum for this app. Use it to watch the tutorial video, read comprehensive help, post a question to the forum, or get a detailed listing of all the 3D models, and quizzes in this app. The Contact icon links to current information about pending updates, free content provided by the Visible Body team, and provides a place for users to send recommendations and sign up for the newsletter. The Other Apps icon links to Visible Body's website listing of other available apps.

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