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Find and select a 3D model in the Atlas section

1.     Tapping on the Atlas icon on the Home screen brings you to a page displaying hundreds of thumbnails of 3D anatomical models. These are preset views.

2.     To find a view that includes the body region or structure you need, drag your finger up and down on the screen. There are twelve categories. The first category provide regional views and varying levels of dissection, from superficial to deep. The other categories are by body system. Drag your finger sideways to view thumbnails of specific preset views within each category.

3.     Locate a desired preset view and tap on the thumbnail. This action launches the 3D model.

4.     To search for a specific anatomical structure, tap on the "Search" icon located at the bottom of the screen. Choose one of three options, "Search"  allowing you to enter three or more letters of the name of the structure you are seeking, "English A-Z" or "Latin A-Z" which bring up an alphabetical index of all the anatomical models in the app in either English or Latin.

5.     The search results index include the options to "Add”/ “Go To" any structure or group in the results. Selecting "Add " adds the structure to the View on screen. You may need to reposition your view to see the added or selected structure if it is outside your current frame or obscured by other anatomy. Selecting “Go To” changes your view to highlight and center the structure you have chosen, and zooms the view to that structure. 

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