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Edit or get information about any structure on screen in the Atlas section

Get information about a specific structure by tapping on it. The structure will highlight and its name appears at the top of the screen. Tap the speaker icon to the right of the name to hear the structure’s name pronounced. Tap the definition icon or the “Define” button to read its definition or see its name in Latin. Edit the view on screen by using the following instructions.

Edit the view on screen by using the following instructions:

Rotate by dragging your finger to turn or tilt the model.

Pan the model by dragging three fingers around the screen.           

Zoom in or out by pinching your fingers closed or open on the screen.

Center a structure on-screen and make it the axis of rotation by double tapping on it.

Hide or fade a structure by tapping on it, then tapping the Hide, Fade, Hide Others, or Fade Others on-screen buttons.  Use the Multiple Select button to Hide or  fade multiple structures at one time.

To add a specific structure to a view, use the search option.

To add or hide groups of structures related to any selected structure, tap on a structure to reveal the structure’s name, then select the group names to the left of the structure name.

To add or hide entire systems tap on the “System” button, and select the + or – next to the name of each system.

Reset the 3D model in the originally selected view by tapping the “Refresh View” button.

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