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Create Notecards in the Atlas section

1.     Click any thumbnail in the Atlas section of the app and make any desired edits.

2.     Click the “Create Notecard” icon at the bottom of the screen. This locks the image in place and enables drawing and annotating the image.

3.     To draw on the image select the marker icon. Click and drag the mouse to draw lines. Click the eraser icon to erase part of your markings, or click the erase all to erase all your markings.

4.     To add text on screen select the text box icon. Hover your mouse over the box until it becomes a little directional icon, then click and drag to move the text box to the desired spot. Hover your mouse over the corners of the box until your cursor becomes a double arrow icon, then click and drag in or out to change the size of the box. . Type either in the blue box header or the box itself.

5.     Add a leader line between the text box and a spot on the 3D image by clicking the yellow semicircle at the right edge of the box and then dragging your mouse to the desired area and releasing.

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