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  1. You can access quizzes in two ways: From the Course Topics screen, select a thumbnail with “quiz” in its name. Multiple-choice and/or anatomy dissection quizzes are available at the end of most chapters. You can also see all the quizzes together by tapping the “Quiz” icon on the home screen or in the bottom bar. All quizzes in the app are accessible from this Quiz menu screen.
  2. Anatomy dissection quizzes ask you to identify an anatomical structure within an interactive 3D model. You may need to rotate the model, zoom in, and/or first hide obscuring structures to be able to locate and select that structure (see “Interact with 3D anatomy models” above for instructions).
  3. Once you have selected the structure by tapping it and turning it blue, submit it as the answer to the question.
  4. The results of your quizzes are saved in the Quiz section of the app, which you can access by tapping the “Quiz” icon on the home screen or in the bottom bar. Results appear as overlays on the thumbnails of each quiz you have taken. To retake a quiz, tap the thumbnail image again and select “Retake Quiz.” To review detailed results of completed quizzes, tap the quiz thumbnail and select “See Results.”

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