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Create notecards

For A&P 3.0

  1. You can add a lesson to a list of favorites. When in a 3D model, animation, or illustration, select the “Tools” icon at the right side of the screen and select “Favorite.” You have now saved this lesson to your library of favorites within the app. Select the “Favorites” icon at the top left of the home screen to access your saved views.
  2. You can create a notecard by making notes, drawings, and text boxes on a selected lesson and save it for later study or review. To get started, Select the “Tools” icon at the right side of the screen when you are in a topic and select “Note.”
  3. The text box that appears can be stretched and moved as necessary. Click “Title” to name your notecard and double click within the text box to add your note. The yellow nubs you see on the sides of the text box can be dragged to a specific spot on screen as a leader line. To add additional notes, select “Note” again.
  4. To add a drawing to your notecard, select the “Draw” icon, then use your mouse to draw on the 3D model, animation, or illustration. Select “Draw” again when you are finished.
  5. To save your notecard to a library within the app, select the “Done” icon at the top right and choose to save it.  You will be asked to name your notecard.
  6. To save your notecard to your Photos, select “Save to Photos” on the right side of your screen. To email your notecard, you can select “Email” in your Photos app.

When finished, select “Done” and “Back” to return to the home screen. You can access your favorites and notecards by selecting the “Favorites” icon on the home screen on the top left. 

For A&P 2.0

  1. You can make notes, drawings, and text boxes on any image in any topic and save your notecard for later study or review. To get started, click on the blue “Create Notecard” tab at the right side of the display window when you are in a topic.
  2. Click on the “Marker” icon, then click and hold your mouse and drag it to draw on the image. Click on the “Eraser” icon to erase part of your markings, or click on “Erase All” to erase all your markings. Click on “Text Box” to type notes. This text box can be stretched and moved as necessary.
  3. To save your notecard, click on the “Save” icon and choose whether to export it or save it within the app.  If you export the notecard, it is placed in a folder entitled “Visible Body A and P” in your computer’s Pictures folder. If you save it, the notecard will be located in the “My Notecards” section of the app. After you have saved it, you can continue to draw or take notes, or you can close it by clicking on the X on the blue tab. If you have saved it already, there is no need to save it again.
  4. Click on “My Notecards” on the left side of the screen when you are in the Course Review to access your notes. Notecards are organized by the unit in which they were created.  Click on a notecard to open it. You can use the arrows to click through the notecards one by one. To exit the Notecard Viewer Mode, click on “Close Notecard” at the bottom right corner of the screen.

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