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Interact with 3D models

  1. From the Units menu, select a topic with a cube at the right side of the screen. The topic will appear on screen with a 3D model set accompanied by a left bar with text and buttons. 
  2. The text at the left explains key points about the anatomy viewable in the 3D model set. The underlined key terms denote preset views of these anatomical structures. Select these buttons one by one to see the structures highlighted in blue in the model. 
  3. You can collapse the left bar by selecting the gray caret on the left side of the screen. Select the caret again to bring the left bar back. 
  4. Click directly on an anatomical structure to highlight it and see its name at the top of the screen. Click on the speaker icon to the right of the name to hear the structure’s pronunciation, or click on the definition icon to read its definition. 
  5. Further explore the model by rotating it, hiding and fading structures to see behind them, and zooming in to take a closer look. Select the “Help” icon on the right side of the screen for visual instruction on these controls:
  • To rotate, click and hold while dragging your mouse to turn or tilt the model. 
  • Pan the model by hitting the space bar and clicking the mouse to move the model about the screen, or holding the middle mouse button (scroll wheel) down and moving the mouse. 
  • Zoom in or out by using your mouse wheel. You can also double-click on a structure to zoom in.
  • Select a structure by clicking on it and turning it blue. You can then hide or fade it by clicking on the on-screen buttons.

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