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Create Notecards

  1. You can create a notecard by making notes, drawings, and text boxes on a selected lesson and save it for later study or review. To get started, select the “Tools” icon at the right side of the screen when you are in a topic and select “Note. 

  1. The text box that appears can be stretched and moved as necessary. Click on “Title” to name your notecard and double click within the text box to add your note. The yellow nubs you see on the sides of the text box can be dragged to a specific spot on screen as a leader line. To add additional notes, select “Note” again. 

  1. To add a drawing to your notecard, select the “Draw” icon, then use your mouse to draw on the 3D model, animation, or illustrationSelect “Draw” again when you are finished. 

  1. To save your notecard to your computerselect the “Download screenshot” icon at the top right. 

  1. When finished, select “Done.” 

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