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Track your progress

  1. Each unit includes a Review Checklist that allows you to keep track of your progress as you learn the course content and to quickly identify gaps in your knowledge. Select the “Checklist” icon at the top of the home screen. 

  1. The review checklist that matches the unit and chapter you are reviewing will appear. To change units and chapters, select your choice on the left side of the screen.  

  1.  Click the checkboxes to mark a learning goal as completed. To further review an item on the checklist, select the topic number(s) to the right of the item to be taken directly to the content. 

  1. A counter at the top of the Review Checklist window tracks the number and percentage of learning goals completed for the unit. To return to the Units menu, select the Units icon at the top left of your screen. Your progress will be saved.

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