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3D Joint Animations and Gallery

Joints: To view interactive 3D schematic animations of synovial joints in action, and access Views of joint regions, click the Joints section on the Home screen.
From the Joints main page, you can select any of the six types of synovial joints: ball-and-socket, condyloid (ellipsoid), gliding (plane), hinge, pivot, and saddle. Selecting a joint type launches a 3D animation of that joint in motion. A schematic of the joint is shown side-by-side with an example from the body, with analogous parts highlighted in the same color. In a joint animation, you can rotate, tilt, select, and pan just as you would in a regular 3D View.
Use the bottom pause/play button and scrubber bar to pause, play, and control the animation. The Loop icon to the right of the scrubber bar allows you to loop the animation, or play it only once. You can also click the Info button to read more about the joint, or select bones in the joint and click the Definition icon to read about them. Clicking Menu returns you to the main joint screen.
Once in a joint animation, you can access more examples of that specific joint type in the body by clicking the thumbnails on the right side of the screen to launch 3D Views of related areas. Use these thumbnails to navigate back to the joint animation or see each example one by one.
Gallery: To view 3D bone tissue cross-sections, animations on skeletal pathologies and corrective procedures, and illustrations of cross-system regional anatomy, click the Gallery section on the Home screen. A series of thumbnails is displayed.
Thumbnails 1–5 under Animations and Cross-Sections launch animations. Once you have launched an animation, you can control it using the pause/play button. Click the Menu icon or the "Done" button to return to the Gallery.
Thumbnails 6–9 under Animations and Cross-Sections launch 3D cross-section Views of bones and bone tissue. Cross-sections feature selected functionality from regular 3D Views (see "3D Views" for tips on how to interact with these models). "6. Exploding Skull" is a moving model of the skull that includes additional pause/play and loop abilities.
Thumbnails under Illustrations launch illustrations of important skeletal anatomy topics and skeletal anatomy in context. Once you are done viewing an illustration, click the Menu icon or the "Done" button to return to the Gallery.

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