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Viewing and Studying Bony Landmarks

This app highlights and provides text information about hundreds of landmarks on bones throughout the body. Bony landmarks are indicated by colored paint. To turn paint on or off in any 3D View, tap the "Landmark Maps" button on the left side of the screen. To learn more about any landmark or region of a bone, select a View that shows the bone in isolation.

Identify landmarks on a single bone: You can identify the landmarks of a single bone by first accessing a View of a bone in isolation. These Views can be (1) launched from the Bone Views section or (2) launched from the Region Views section, either by tapping on a single bone thumbnail within a regional View, or by selecting a bone and then tapping on the gold "Explore Bone" button on the left side of the screen.

Selecting a single bone View in any of these ways launches a window containing information about each landmark. You can toggle this window on or off by tapping the "Landmarks" button in the bottom menu bar, or close it by tapping the "Done" button.

Inside the landmark window, regions and landmarks are named and numbered. Information about the landmark's important articulations, muscle attachments, and passages of nerves or blood vessels is shown next to the landmark's name. The color of that frames the number in the landmark window and corresponds to the on-screen color used to designate a region or landmark in the landmark map.

Tap on the landmark's name in the window to highlight the landmark on screen. You can also tap any part of the 3D model on screen and see its bone region or landmark name appear in the breadcrumb trail, and highlighted in the landmark window.

When viewing landmarks, you can rotate, tilt, and pan the 3D View using the same actions described in the 3D Views section of Help. You can also select individual landmarks and hear their pronunciations by tapping the Speaker icon near the top of the screen.

Exit a single-bone View and return to general region Views: To exit a single-bone View, tap the "Previous View" button on the left side of the screen or in the Tools menu to return to the previous 3D View. You can also tap the thumbnail on the right side of the screen to see the single bone in context, or choose another tab on the left side of the screen to exit the region entirely.

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