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Getting Started with Skeleton Premium for Android

To start your exploration of the human skeleton, choose from the sections on the Home screen. You can also navigate among these sections using the icons in the bottom bar of any main section screen.


REGION VIEWS: Access interactive 3D Views of skeletal regions and bones shown within Views that locate the bone within its region and show related bones and cartilage. Choose a skeletal region from the tabs on the left side of the screen, and then tap a thumbnail to launch a 3D View of a specific bone or region. Once you have launched the 3D View, interact with it to view exactly the structures you want to see from any angle you want to see it (see "Interacting with 3D Views"). Use the thumbnails on the right side of the screen to launch related Views of single bones with landmarks painted and defined, or related bone regions.


BONE VIEWS: An alphabetical listing of all bones in the body allows you to quickly find the bone you are looking for. Navigate by scrolling with your finger or by tapping the first letter of the bone you're looking for in the right column to jump directly to the desired listing. Next you can launch an interactive 3D View of the bone within its region, a View of the bone showing its landmarks, and/or a View of joints or regions related to that bone.


GALLERY: Access content on bone tissue, skull articulations, cross-system regional anatomy, and common pathologies. Here you can view animations of skeletal pathologies and corrective procedures. There are also 3D models of bone tissue and illustrations that show cross-system regional anatomy.


QUIZ: Access a quiz bank containing over 40 quizzes on skeletal regions and bony landmarks. Selecting a quiz launches a 3D View with relevant bones and/or landmarks displayed. The quiz will prompt you to identify bones or landmarks in the 3D View. For detailed instructions on quizzing, please see "Quizzes.


JOINTS: Access interactive 3D moving schematic models of each of the six types of synovial joints. Each joint type includes a schematic of that joint in motion and Views that show examples of the joint in the skeleton. For a detailed explanation on joint animations, please see "Joints.


STORE: Access information on Visible Body's interactive anatomy products, including the award-winning 3D Human Anatomy Atlas and apps featuring in-depth explorations of specific body systems.


INDEX: Tap the A–Z Index button in the bottom right to view an alphabetical index of content in the app. The gold icons next to each index listing indicate whether tapping the listing launches a 3D View, animation, or illustration (see the key at the top of the index). Once you have launched the listing, you can quickly return to the Index by tapping the Index icon in the bottom menu bar. Navigate in the Index by scrolling with your finger or by tapping the first letter of the subject you're looking for in the right column to jump directly to that subject listing.


HELP: Tap this button to access the help text, watch a tutorial movie, turn tips on or off, or contact us with a question or concern. This section also includes a link to information about other Visible Body apps, and links to our website and social media pages.

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