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Adjusting the View

You can adjust Views in the Atlas and Quiz modes, or after clicking the "Pause to Explore" button during an interactive animation in the Show mode, to change the angle and zoom level of the models on screen. To perform these actions, you will use your mouse, the keyboard, or on-screen controls which include a virtual joystick, directional arrows, a zoom slider, and action buttons.
Pan: There are three ways to move the model across the screen. Use whichever is easiest for you:
   Mouse: While holding down the spacebar, click on part of the model and drag to move it vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.
   Screen controls: Click on the arrow buttons around the virtual joystick to move the model in the indicated direction.
   Keyboard: Press W to pan the camera up, S to pan down, A to pan left, and D to pan right.
Rotate or tilt:
   Mouse: Click and drag the 3D model to rotate it in the direction the mouse is moved.
   Screen controls: Click and drag the virtual joystick to rotate the 3D model in the direction the joystick is moved.
   Keyboard: Use the keyboard arrow keys to rotate the camera around the 3D model in the desired direction.
Zoom in or out:
   Mouse: Spin the mouse wheel to adjust the zoom level.
   Screen controls: Drag the on-screen zoom slider to adjust the zoom level.
   Keyboard: Hold + on the keyboard to zoom in, or hold - to zoom out.
Center a specific structure: Double-click on a structure to center it in the middle of the screen at an appropriate zoom level. This structure now becomes the pivot point as you rotate the 3D model.
Refresh View: Click the name of the View located at the top left corner or the screen to return it to its initial state. Alternatively, you can click on the "Refresh View" button in the Actions menu.
Background Color: Click on the black and white squares at the top of the screen (to the left of the logo) to toggle between a white or black background for your View.

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