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Overview / Getting Started

To start your exploration of the human heart and circulatory system, choose from the five options on the Home screen.
SHOW: This option allows you to access an interactive audio-visual presentation about the heart and circulatory system. The anatomy, function, and physiology of the circulatory system are shown through animations. Many chapters use 3D models and can be paused so that you can explore the anatomy from varying zoom levels and angles. The Show is divided into 11 chapters that can be viewed one by one or consecutively. Each chapter ends with a bulleted list of key concepts in that section, which can also be reviewed separately.
ATLAS: This option allows you to access interactive 3D models of the heart and vasculature. These models include selected structures from other systems to facilitate understanding of how the circulatory system interacts with other body systems. Anatomical structures can be identified, viewed from any angle, defined, and virtually dissected.
QUIZ: This option allows you to access quizzes on the anatomy of systemic arteries, systemic veins, and heart and pulmonary circulation. Selecting a quiz launches an interactive 3D View with relevant anatomy displayed. The quiz will prompt you to identify circulatory structures in the View. For detailed instructions on quizzing, please see Taking Quizzes.
GALLERY: This option allows you to access animations and illustrations showing 25 separate pathologies and physiological processes of the circulatory system.
HELP: This option returns you to these help instructions and allows you to view a step-by-step video tutorial on the key content, features, and functionality of this app.

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