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Selecting Anatomical Structures

Once you have launched a View from the Atlas or Quiz modes, or after clicking "Pause to Explore" during an interactive animation in the Show mode, you can select anatomical structures within that View using the following actions:
Select a single structure: Click on an anatomical structure to select it. The structure is highlighted and a breadcrumb trail appears at the top of the screen, displaying hierarchical information about the structure, including its name (highlighted as the last term to the right). A second selection overrides the first selection (unless in Multiple Select mode; see below), so that only one structure at a time is highlighted. To deselect a selected structure, click on it once.
Select multiple structures: While holding down the Shift key, click on each of the structures in the 3D model you wish to select. You can also click on the "Multiple Select" button under the joystick. The Multiple Select mode allows you to select as many structures as you wish by clicking each structure once. All remain highlighted, but only the most recently selected structure selected is displayed in the breadcrumb trail at the top of the screen. To deselect any selected structure, click on it once. To return to Single Select mode, click on the on-screen "Single Select" button.
Select a related group of structures: When any anatomical structure is selected, a breadcrumb trail appears at the top of the screen displaying hierarchical information about the structure. To select any of the larger groupings, click once on the desired name in the breadcrumb trail. The associated anatomical structures are added to the model if necessary, selected, and highlighted onscreen.
Select through faded structures: While holding down the T key, click on a structure visible through a faded (transparent) structure to select it.
Deselect structures: If Multiple Select mode is on, deselect a single structure by clicking on it again, or deselect all structures by clicking on the on-screen "Deselect All" button. If Single Select mode is on, click on a background area of the screen to deselect a single structure, or click on the selected structure itself.

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