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About the reproductive system in-app purchase

About the reproductive system in-app purchase

Have a kid who's curious and is asking questions about sex and puberty? Want to have that first conversation but need something to get started? We've added the Reproductive System as an in-app purchase. It shows basic male and female anatomy and introduces the concepts of puberty and human reproduction at just the right level.

We've pulled together three movies and two anatomy models that will help get you there. Rest assured, all of our Reproductive System content has been reviewed by a panel of parents and professionals, including anatomists, professors, and pediatricians. 


As a parent or educator, you want to be prepared with the right facts when talking about puberty and reproduction. Check out our FAQ eBook. 


My Incredible Body has 3D models of internal reproductive anatomy, both male and female. These are framed within glass outlines. We teach basic anatomy and show key organs and structures. Kids can take a tour of the male and female bodies by tapping and reading and/or listening to definitions.

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