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Overview / Getting Started

Overview / Getting Started:

To start your exploration of the human musculature, choose one of the following options on the Home screen.

ANATOMY: Access interactive 3D models of individual muscles or small muscle groups. The Anatomy Views show the individual muscles or groups and the bone(s) to which they attach. Each View includes red and blue pins showing the muscle's origin(s) and insertion(s).

ACTIONS: Access moving 3D models showing sixty muscle actions, each with multiple views. The Action Views show how muscles and bones work together in creating movement. The models can be rotated and zoomed as they are moving to view the structures from any angle.

QUIZZES: Access a list of quizzes on various muscle groups. Selecting a quiz launches a View of an interactive 3D model with relevant musculature displayed. The quiz will prompt you to identify muscles in the View. For detailed instructions on quizzing, please see Taking Quizzes.

INDEX: Access an alphabetical index of all muscles listed with their corresponding actions.

CONTACT: Access help instructions, tutorial videos, shortcuts, and more, all demonstrating the features and functionality of this app.

OTHER APPS: Access information about Visible Body's other products for Windows, iOS, PC/Mac download, and Android.

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