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Using the Menu Bar

This section is about Anatomy and Index Views. For information on Action Views, please see Viewing Muscle Actions below.

Once you have launched a View from the Anatomy or Index sections, a menu bar displaying eight icons appears at the bottom of the View screen. These icons allow you to navigate through the app and access additional content and functionality.

Home: Tap this icon to return to the Home screen.

Anatomy: Tap this icon to go back to the listing of Views that you chose from most recently. Depending on your navigation, choosing Menu will bring up the list of Muscle Attachments, Muscle Actions, Muscle Attachments and Actions, Region Views, Skeleton Views, Index, or Quizzes.

Actions: Tap this icon to go to the complete listing of Muscle Actions, categorized by muscle region (e.g., Head, Neck, Shoulder/Arm). Each thumbnail will launch an animation with which you can interact.

Definition: Tap this icon after selecting a muscle or bone in the View to open a window displaying the definition of the selected structure. The window remains open if you select a different structure, and the definition for the most recently selected structure is displayed. To view a definition for a grouping of structures or a system, tap on a structure within that grouping. Tap on the name of the grouping in the breadcrumb trail at the top of the screen to select it, then tap the Definition icon. You can view actions of the selected muscle by tapping the hyperlinks at the bottom of the Definition window to navigate to the Muscle Actions interface. To close the definition window, tap the "Done" button in the top right corner of the window, or tap the "Definition" icon again.

Search: Tap this icon to search for muscles or bones when you are in a View. You can either search by keyword or browse by structure name. The browse feature contains an alphabetical listing of all individual muscles and bones.

To search by keyword, type three or more letters of the muscle or bone you are searching for, then tap the "Done" button or the "Return" button. A box appears above the search bar containing the search results, including the names of all relevant muscles or bones and whether they belong to the muscular or to the skeletal system.

Each search result also displays the words "Add/Go To" or "Select/Go To" at the far right. Tapping on the word "Add" adds the structure to the View. Tapping on the word "Select" highlights the structure in the current View. You may need to reposition your view to see the selected structure if it is outside your current frame or obscured by other anatomy. Tapping on the name of the structure in the search results is another way to add or select the structure in the View.

To automatically generate a new View featuring a muscle or bone you found via the search tool, tap on the words "Go To" in the search results. The app selects (or adds and selects) the structure and repositions the image so that the desired structure is centered in the View.

Draw: Tap this icon to access the drawing feature. A window will appear showing drawing tools. Use "Marker" to draw over anatomy in the View with your fingertip. Selecting "Eraser" allows you to erase your markings manually, while "Erase All" clears all markings from the View. You can also choose to "Email" your View with your drawing, or "Save" your drawing to the Photos folder on your iPad. Exit the draw mode by choosing the "Done" button in the upper right corner of the Draw window. If you exit the draw mode, your drawing will be erased, so be sure to save or email your drawing if you wish to preserve it for future reference.

Share: Tap this icon to take a screenshot while in a View. You will have the option to choose "Email" or "Save to photos." If you choose "Email," you will be prompted to enter an address and title for your message. Saving the screenshot moves it to the Photos folder on your device.

More: Tap this icon to access the Index, quizzes, help content, , or to visit the Visible Body website to find out more about Visible Body's products.

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