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I’m having trouble occasionally with the app slowing down or crashing on my device. What can I do?

This app combines high-definition 3D graphics with extensive interactive functionality. Both are demanding of the memory and processor. Quitting other apps, power-cycling your device, or resetting your device should improve functionality.


When I search for ”knee,” the only search returns are “Patella (knee cap)” How do I view the entire knee?

The search function returns results for individual structures, like patella, not for body regions or joints made from more than one structure.

Choose the Region Views section on the home screen to access groups of structures that form a region or a joint. In this case, tap on the “Leg” listing in the menu, and then tap on the “Knee Region” in the next menu to launch a View showing the entire knee area.


It can take a long time to add an entire group of structures. Is there a faster way?

Use the breadcrumb trail located below the View title at the top of the screen. The breadcrumb trail appears any time a structure is selected and provides interactive information about that structure’s anatomical hierarchy. For example, if you have selected the anconeus muscle but wish to view other muscles of the elbow joint, tap on the term “Elbow joint, posterior” to see the posterior elbow joint muscles. Higher levels of the breadcrumb trail hierarchy will add and select greater numbers of muscles: in this case, you can also choose to tap on “Elbow joint,” “Arm,” “Upper limb,” or the entire “Muscular System.”


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