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Manipulating the 3D anatomy models

1.     A visual that includes a “Refresh View” button on screen designates a 3D model that can be edited.

2.     To the left of the 3D models, brief text and a series of buttons review basic concepts and key structures. Tap these buttons one by one to see the key structures highlight.

3.     The following gestures and icons can be used to edit or get additional content:

Rotate Drag one finger up and down or right to left to turn or tilt the model.

Pan Place three fingers on the screen and drag to adjust the placement of the 3D model on the screen.

Zoom in or out by Place two fingers on the screen and pinch open or closed to zoom in and out.      

Get information To learn more about any structure on screen tap it. The  structure will highlight and its name appears at the top of the screen. Tap the       “Speaker” icon to the right of the name to hear the structure’s name pronounced. Tap the “Definition” icon to read its definition.

Hide or fade a structure by tapping on it, then selecting the Hide or Fade on-screen buttons.

Add related anatomy by tapping on a structure to reveal the structure’s name at the top of the screen, then selecting the group names to the left of the structure name.

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